It’s the Bee’s Knees

Normally I harvest Meyer lemons in winter and Eureka’s in the summer but with the weather this year my Myers have stayed green for so long. (Gosh, are you sick of hearing people from California bad-mouthing our weather?) They have slowly inched their way to sunny yellow, so bada-bing they are here in full force. Late… But delicious, as always.

Since there’s no shortage of lemons at our home—and come to think of it, *cough cough*, Gin–this prohibition-era cocktail is really fun and celebrates the late-season bounty like no other. It’s not too sweet, easy to make, and if I do say so my gosh darn self quite delicious!

Bee’s Knees

Makes 2 cocktails 

4 ounces Hendrix or Botanist gin

2 ounce stained fresh, lemon juice from 2 lemons

1 1/2 ounce honey syrup*

1 ounce water

Lemon wheel and fresh lemon balm or mint for garnish

Add the ingredients to a shaker full of ice and shake like the dickens. Strain into a pretty cocktail coup and garnish with rose petals, mint leaves, or lemon wheels or all of the above.

*For the Honey Syrup: If you’ve ever made simple syrup this is very similar just made with honey instead of white sugar. In addition to having an abundance of lemons and yes, gin, I always have lots and lots of honey on hand too. I do have bees in the backyard, and even though we’ve had some unsuccessful years, I still have many jars at my disposal. Usually, when I get too close to the bottom of a jar, I’ll eyeball an equal amount of boiling water to the jar and give it a good shake, once it’s combined into syrup form I store it in the fridge for cocktails, just like the Bee’s Knees or sometimes a Paloma.