Lusts of Late

kosher sea salt


I’ve been loading up on some amazing finds lately. Part of me wants to keep these things a secret, but then what’s the point of having a blog? Here’s a peek into my shopping basket these days.


Jacobsen Pure Kosher Sea Salt: Move over Morton’s — actually, for me it’s Diamond Crystal. This kosher salt has made it’s way to first place in my kitchen. This new offering from Jacobsen is hand harvested — pretty amazing for the quality and price point. With smaller granules that traditional flaky sea salt, but more robust crystals than normal Kosher, you can use this from start to finish. I’ve used it for cooking, brining, finishing, and I’m even baking with it!

pantry organization

White Sharpie Markers: I’m obsessed with using these markers to write on all of my glass containers and jars in the pantry. You can easily wipe clean with water if you happen to rotate your kamut, garbanzo or yes, even plain white flour.

Chico Bags: Every time I go to the grocery store I forget my bags in the trunk. These guys can stay in my purse without taking up a ton of room — they fold into each other and create a little package. Two of the bigger style of bags can haul a load of groceries. The big ones are hard to find (insert joke) but you can order them through Amazon (insert joke #2).

chico grocery bags

My purse never looks this clean and is usually gourd-free.

good olive oil

Olio Nuovo: Costco has carried Olio Nuovo  from California Olive Ranch for awhile. You may be familiar with the brand for it’s great taste in square bottles. As you are pushing your massive cart through the warehouse look for their new Olio Nuovo, First Cold Press.  It has an even fuller flavor, as it’s from the first pressing of the olive season. The price point is low enough to make it a great oil to cook with, but the taste is good enough that I’m finishing with it as well.

And at the farmers market…

marinated artichokes

Baby Artichokes: When I spotted these at the farmers market last week it was as if Mother Nature was gloriously announcing the arrival of Spring. Giddy, I loaded up my basket. Even though the calendar said February, I couldn’t resist making a batch of marinated artichokes for a recent event we hosted. Be sure to try this recipe — tasty and easy. Grab a friend or kid, or a friendly kid, and have fun preparing these together.

mud creek citrus

Page Mandarins: From Mud Creek Ranch in Santa Paula are these yummy mandarins. Tiny in size with huge flavor — perfect for snacking or throwing in the lunch box.

broiled citrus

Tangelos: Don’t miss the amazingly delicious Wekiwa Tangelos also from Mud Creek Ranch. Just the mention of these and that back part of my cheek salivates. I always thought tangelos were orange and sweet?  These are yellow and zippy. This type I’d never tasted before; the best way I can think to describe the Wekiwa variety is a cross between the brightest tangerine and sweetest pink grapefruit. We’ve broiled them for breakfast and concocted some gin and juice goodness. Big surprise, eh?

gin cocktails

All I ask is you promise to leave some for me come Saturday morning at the stalls. Cheers!