Cinco de Mayo the Easy Weeknight Way

mexican food

fish taco recipe

Spend much time around here and you’ll quickly see how Santa Barbara’s Mexican heritage has influenced our favorite dishes and cocktails. We embrace the Cinco de Mayo vibe — well for SB it’s really a Fiesta vibe year-round.

mexican food

And for good reason — Mexican food is tasty, quick and a surefire crowd pleaser, especially as we head into these warmer months. Here’s my straight-up-round-up of the recipes in constant rotation at mi casa.

Fish Tacos with Mexican Slaw: Simple and delicious. Always, always served to rave reviews. I have more people come up to me and mention the Mexican Slaw over any other recipe on the blog.


Lentil Tacos: With ingredients that are stocked in most pantries these are quick and nutritious. This is a good recipe to have on hand when your vegan hipster neighbors come for dinner.

Rica’s Tortilla Soup: For a quick meal all you need to do is buzz in the blender and heat, eso es todo! best margarita

Margaritas: I like to go the less sugar route when heading to Ritaville. The key when making pared downed drinks like my Tequila Gimlet or Cara Cara cocktail is to reach for the good tequila.

best salsa

Roasted Salsa: Ridiculously delectable. Enough said.

Creamy Avocado and Tomatillo Salsa: Smooth and creamy, it’s adds such pretty color and zesty spice to just about anything. Since we are talking avocados, be sure to check out my tip for keeping your guacamole green.

mexican truffles

Mexican Coconut Truffles: A super straightforward dessert with a nice little kick and no gluten, muy bueno.

Chilaquiles: For any post-fiesta morning try this easy tortilla and egg dish to soak up all that good tequila.

eggs and tortillas

A quick trip to the grocery store and you’ve got instant decor that just gets prettier as the sun sets.


Photo by Leela Cyd


Cheers! ¡Salud!