Quick Appetizer for Spring: Radish Tartine

easy spring appetizer


In the past week alone I’ve made this radish and butter appetizer three times, that’s when I knew it was worth the upload.  It’s one of my all-time favorites for spring, doesn’t  it look like Easter on a plate?

easy spring appetizer

It’s fun to have easy recipes on hand for entertaining  or unexpected friends drop by — expect a “Damn, you’re good!” or at least say that to yourself as you bring out the plate.

The best part is you can put this together without a recipe.  No real measurements needed,  just a few stellar ingredients.

easy spring appetizer

First step, the vehicle: I’m obsessed with these light rye crackers from Wasa — light and crispy but not so crisp that it falls apart all over your new spring gingham.  I cut them in half to make a perfect appetizer portion.

Spring appetizer

Next up, the fat: Yes, fat — you need it, it’s the flavor binder that holds this divine app together so don’t be stingy.  The creaminess of good butter makes this a perfect appetizer.  I have been buying Pamplie butter from France at Whole Foods.  The only thing better than butter, is  French butter.   I reserve the specialty butter for opportunities like this when you only have a few ingredients — choose well and let them shine.


Watermelon Radishes come in different colors but have the same sweet taste.

Now, the sweetness: Watermelon radishes…oh, how I love them! You can really use any radish here, but if you find watermelon radishes, grab them.  Incredibly sweet , crisp and gorgeous — you can store them in the crisper for weeks.


Don’t forget, the salty — Flakey sea salt brings out the flavor in both the radish and the butter. It’s what takes this to wow. If you’re up for a new purchase try the lovely sea salt from Jacobsen it’s hand-harvested from Oregon.

Dill about to flower.  Did you know dill is related to cilantro and carrot? all will create an umbrella like flower to seed. So pretty!!!

Dill about to flower. Did you know dill is related to cilantro, carrot and Queen Anne’s lace? All will create an umbrella like flower to seed. So pretty!!!

And the finish — I’m overloaded with dill in the garden beds. Finish this app off with a sprinkle of fresh herbs. I love dill for it’s distinctive and interesting flavor that pulls it all together. That’s it. You’ve just made everyone happy. Cheers!



Quick Appetizer for Spring: Radish Tartine

Radish Tartine: Easy Spring Appetizer

Serves 4

6 whole Light Rye Crackers

4 watermelon radishes

Room temperature butter


Slice the watermelon radishes as thin as possible with a mandolin.  Store in water until ready to use. Spread the room temperature butter over the entire cracker covering all the nooks and cracks – don’t be stingy with le beurre.

Bloat Blot the radishes dry with a clean kitchen towel.

Layer the slices in a thin layer atop the cracker and butter.

Sprinkle with sea salt and slice the entire dressed cracker in half with a sharp knife.

Garnish each piece with dill.  Serve.