After the Rain Garden

garden greens

santa barbara garden

That glorious rain worked some serious magic in the garden. Every corner is suddenly filled with lush green sprouts as we all nestle into this wet and cooler weather. After so much drought dryness, I hope you will allow me to indulge in showing off this harvest bounty. It’s crazy and wonderful to have such a steady stream of garden goodness on our dinner plates.

Our pea shoots are ready to hit the wok.

garden pea shoots

veggies for wok

Before the aphids claim it as their own, I need to grab the cheddar cauliflower and make my Cauliflower Gratin.

cauliflower recipes

Same goes for grabbing the broccoli. My kids love to eat it roasted.

garden broccoli

We have three types of arugula growing in the garden for simple salads and Arugula Pesto.


From the left: Olive- Leaved Sylvetta, Dragon’s Tongue and Wild Italian (my college nickname).

Don’t be ridiculous, of course we have radicchio (sorry, couldn’t resist that one).

garden greens

The tomatoes just keep hanging on. I’ve been using them to make a satisfying soup on these cooler nights.

winter tomato

The chickens are in the midst of an awkward molting stage. If they don’t start laying eggs soon they might find their way into some satisfying soup — kidding, kidding.



This can’t be comfortable.

I’m hoping we’ll have radishes in time for New Year’s Eve — sliced in half, smeared with butter and a little Maldon sea salt — one of my most favorite appetizers, ever.

garden radishes

These roses smell as gorgeous as they look. I wish I could throw petal out to you through cyberspace.

garden roses

While I should be satisfied with all this green, it just leaves me wanting more. Hey, it’s my way of getting into the spirit of the season. I’ll wait with anticipation for the storm that’s coming in tonight and as my mom taught me,  I promise to write a thank you for all the gifts the rain brings.