Champagne You Should Be Drinking

$40 champagne

$40 champagne

Photo by Erin Feinblatt

Let’s be clear about something important — life is too short to drink bad Champagne!! Most of us can recall (rather hazily) those wedding receptions where we drank sparkling something-or-other that come morning left us with a headache the size of Texas.

Do not let those experiences define Champagne. The best part is that good Champagne doesn’t always mean expensive, here are some great choices for around $40 that taste fantastic. Delicious Champagne should be enjoyed often, especially during the holidays. Ok, who am I kidding? Drink it all year long.

great champagne

Photo by Evan Janke

I know that wine shoptalk can get annoying. I’ve sat through my share of geeky/boring wine dinners. So, we will keep this simple and to the point. Below are five amazing, quality Champagne choices; the majority from super small producers. These are worthy partners to your special holiday meals and believe me, make a killer combo with that Chinese take out.

I’ve worked very hard testing these out (sacrifice, it’s about sacrifice) to give you my tried and true recommendations. These bubbles are for toasting, drinking and gifting. It’s time to branch out from the run-of-the-mill big production Champagne houses — you can thank me later.

best champagne

La Vie en Rose

Veuve Fourny & Fils Rose: $39. 98 at Hi-Time Wine Cellars

Super flavorful with low dosage translates to two things: it goes great with just about any food and no headache the next day. You can’t beat the price.  Our friend Eric brought this to dinner the other night and we drank it with mussels and chorizo.  Perfection!

great $40 champagne

Catch a Falling Star

NV Pierre Moncuit Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru: $35.99 at Hi-Time Wine Cellars

Dubbed Moncuit-cuit in our household, this is awesome! I thought it was much more expensive when my husband first filled my flute — oh, is that you in the gutter? This bright flavored Champagne is our house standby for good reason.

lanson champagne

Grocery Store Hero

Lanson Black Label: $39.00 at Von’s with your rewards card —membership has it’s privileges.

When you need six good bottles for a party tonight.  Hit up Von’s and pass over that ubiquitous yellow label and go black, you won’t go back!

great champagne

You Tart Me Up

NV Savart Premier Cru L’Ouverture Blanc de Noirs: $42.00 at Sec Wines


Bereche et Fils: $44.99 on line or $49 locally at Les Marchands 


These two producers are truly special and can be difficult to track down. However, I had to include them in the round-up.   It is worth the hunt if you need a special present for the wine dork in your life. Trust me they will love you forever.


Bottoms up!