A Celebratory Pause

white trash cake

white trash cake

I’m turning forty this week. My big 4-0 coincides with the five year anniversary of writing this blog. I don’t know if it’s the sunshine, facing that ever-growing patch of gray in the mirror (did I just share that?) or what, but I’ve had zero motivation. Rather than dwell on my lack of recent productiveness, I figure this birthday week is a great excuse to take a pause. I want to embrace these past five of my forty years. Eat Drink Garden has brought me joy with every click of that publish button.

santa barbara hike

I’m playing hooky this week and squeezing out every last minute of life in my thirties. I’m going to take extended hikes with friends, call my mom and talk for way too long, jump on the trampoline with the kids. I’ll grab some girlfriends and hit my beloved hip-hop class for the first time in months, squeeze in a little yoga, indulge in a massage and a few margaritas — not at the same time.

valerie rice

This pour is for you! Cheers!

Definitely I’ll be drinking champagne. I’m thankful to be celebrating this big marker and what it means — my family, my friends, my health and the joy that surrounds me. I hope you all can find ways to carve out some me time for yourself this week. If there is any wisdom I’ve gained from this passage into slowed metabolism and more frequent hair appointments, it’s that life goes quick, so pop a bottle open and celebrate any day and everyday.

les merchands

Maybe as a birthday gift you can tell me what to blog about and give me a hearty push of inspiration for next week?