Rosé Colored Reflections in Provence

gorgeous france

france We made it back home to Santa Barbara after two blissful weeks in France (OMG, even I hate me right now). provence I’m not sure where to begin…I have so much I want to share and too many photos to count. Just the gardens alone provided incredible inspiration. gorgeous france And I can’t even start in on the food and wine…much the same way I can’t even button my skinnies. tomatoes french-food I have so many great new recipes to share, no corny red hat needed.

food stalls

Photo by Mrs. Hamilton

All that to say we’re back home after our special trip to France. My adventures abroad are working their inspiration magic. As I sit once again in my familiar desk chair things feel different, renewed. I want to cook, I want to write, I want to share, I want to unpack — but I’m not sure what to do first, probably unpack, maybe after a glass of wine and downloading pictures?? I’m thankful for this new motivation, a gift from extended time surrounded by my greatest passions — family, friends, gardens, food, wine, architecture and so much beauty. My dear travel companions even joked that they could see inspiration bubbles floating along on top of my head like a comic script. My apologies in advance as I sort things out and get my sleep schedule back on track, but hang in there, I have so many new wonderful recipes and ideas I can’t wait to share with you. Cheers! french wine