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vacation planning


I may have been born a Virgo. However,  I was not blessed with any of those famed organizational traits. Packing for a trip is a daunting process for me — especially when I’m packing for the family. I often wait until the last minute, making it worse for all involved. Take right now for instance, I should be packing for our big trip —  but instead I’m obsessing about getting the right images for the blog.

I’ve learned a few tips on being more efficient for the vacation pregame and admittedly, most involve shopping. Whatever it takes to trick myself into that Virgo status. Let’s not push it; I’ll never make it that far. However, I will make it out the door on time, bags packed and my husband breathing a sigh of relief (I promise I’ll be ready!).

vacation planning

A few weeks out I start corralling vacation needs in a box. In goes magazines for the flight, sun block, new hats, medicine and a whole assortment of items I order like a maniac from Amazon (One click! One!). I keep this right by my desk so as soon as I open those magic brown packages it gets thrown right into the box. Otherwise, you might find ear buds in my pantry cabinet or moisturizer out in the rose garden…it’s happened.


This suitcase find from Burton changes the way I pack for my girls. It has equal storage on both sides letting the girls share one suitcase and then they unzip from each other making two separate sides. This splitting eliminates one huge bag of stuff that the girls dig in and tear apart to find that one dress that always is at the bottom, always. I was skeptical about zipping them back together easily, but it was surprisingly user friendly. At the end of the trip we divvy up clean clothes on one side and the dirty on the other.

fashion tattoos

These golden Flash Tattoos mean I don’t have to pack as much jewelry —does that count as being efficient? They are really beautiful and will make for a fun surprise activity for the girls when the delays and waiting of travel hit.

sony point and shoot

On our last few trips I’ve been relaying solely on my iPhone to snap photos. I just bought myself an early birthday gift, this little Sony powerhouse.  It’s small enough to fit in my evening clutch (you know I’m going to get those food shots at dinner) and takes blog quality photos. I’ve already packed it up, so these snaps are from my iPhone, but that means I won’t forget my camera…just maybe my phone?!

santa barbara

As soon as I step away from my computer, I will finish packing. I will dig deep into my closet, grabbing a dress that I need to be five pounds lighter to wear. I will put it in my suitcase and I will not wear it, because this is vacation and face it, there’s no chance of my waistline getting smaller. Hey, this Virgo can always be a little optimistic; it’s just a little frilly dress and it means I’m packing.