My Gin and Juice

gin and juice

gin and juice

Fords Gin, have you tried it? Over here it’s a new favorite come cocktail time. It has this divine floral taste, almost liking drinking violets. Drinking violets! The bottle is also Gatsby-gorgeous, which somehow makes it taste even prettier.

best gin

Photo by Evan Janke

If you like Hendricks you’ll love Fords. If you like vodka, but think you don’t like gin, (Hi, Justine!) please pour yourself this Gin and Juice. It’ll convert you.

FYI: This is an unsponsored post, but if you happen to know anyone over there at Fords…I’m available for birthday and pool parties and serve up a mean Gin and Tonic, too.

gin and juice

Fords inspired me to concoct this refreshing little cocktail. Fresh tangerine juice and kumquats mix with gin, thyme and sparkling water to make a tasty treat come 5:00 PM or if you’re on vacation — with breakfast. Whatever time of day, this drink looks pretty enough to hold court with that beautiful bottle.

kumquat tree

my gin and juice

My Gin and Juice

My Gin and Juice

Makes 2 cocktails


8 kumquats, plus more for garnish

2 sprigs of thyme

3 ounces gin

3 ounces fresh tangerine juice

2 ounces sparkling water


Slice the kumquats in two, then muddle in a cocktail shaker with thyme springs. You don’t need any fancy equipment to muddle — the end of a wooden spoon works just fine.

Add in gin, tangerine juice and ice.

Shake for eight counts and strain into a glass. Pour in sparkling water to finish. Garnish with a kumquat wedge (on the rim, if you drop it in the glass it will sink).

Can be served both neat or over ice. Cheers!