Mulberry Madness



Our mulberry tree is out of control; I’ve never seen such abundance from one tree. Our house is overrun with ripe berries. Their juice stains tank tops, beach towels, and bottoms of bare feet…kitchen counters and even my computer keyboard. Standing under the limbs of this hundred-year-old bush with berries showering down sounds romantic and charming in theory, but the reality of all these mulberries is a little overwhelming.


I’ve been doing my best to keep up with the harvest — pies, jams, cocktails, crumbles, you name it, I’ve given it a mulberry twist. Since the tree is mature it produces large and juicy berries. While this is great for flavor, it does add a challenge to making jams and baking with these babies. My first batch of jam was so runny it became syrup for waffles and pancakes. Actually, it was batch number six (six batches = eighteen pounds of berries!) that was finally the winner. Everyone act surprised when you get a jar of jam in your Christmas stocking!


Take a little stroll with me down Mulberry Lane. We still have more fruit on the tree; so if I’ve missed anything I should be making, please let me know.

I added a little kick to some of the jam with jalapeños. That heat took my Baked Havarti with Spiced Jam and Pistachios up a nice notch.

jalapeno jam

mulberry jam

Mulberry syrup is the base for this tasty Mulberry Sparkler. You can go the mocktail route or get frisky with a little vodka.

mulberry recipes

Or make it easy by mixing the vodka with the mulberries and forgo the syrup all together.

infused mulberries

For the 4th, not only did I have Elizabeth’s Perfect Pie Crust, I had Elizabeth in the kitchen! I provided both the juicy berries and moral support as she cut out all those little stars.

star pie

4th of july pie

A fool of fresh whipped cream, Greek yogurt and fresh berries made a perfectly simple summertime dessert.



mulberry juice

Everything is stained by this berry bloodbath. How can I complain when it means we get to welcome the morning of July 5th with a slice of pie?

mulberry pie