Summer Reading Series and Giveaway: Fit Kids Revolution

fit kids book

fit kids

There are definite benefits of growing up in the shadows of a high-achieving older sister. 1) You work harder in order to keep up. 2) You realize how hard she must be working to achieve so damn much. 3) You grow-up to have a best friend who is awesome and remembers wearing matching Laura Ashley dresses. 4) You get to give away copies of her book on your blog.

My sister Patricia is a pediatrician who specializes in the psychology of feeding children. She has dedicated her professional life (and personal passion) to helping eradicate childhood obesity and teaching all families how to eat and live in a healthy way with a healthy relationship to food.

fit kids book

I’m proud/excited/happy to tell you about my sister’s recently published book, Fit Kids Revolution. Patricia has partnered with Jon Gabriel, a widely published, Aussie health guru, to give us a guide how on to feed our families. It’s actually much more than that, in an approachable and practical way to helps families build a foundation of health and wellness.

We’ve been the guinea pig test case for many of her methods to great success — trust me, I have one of the pickiest, stubborn eaters in town. From the psychology of feeding kids, to taking charge of the family menu, to soothing techniques like nighttime meditation, it’s helped how we approach food, fitness and health as a family.

dr riba

Summer is a great time to revamp family eating habits — there’s all this amazing fresh produce available, long sunshine days to play outside and freedom from school lunch monotony.

To help you get started on your revolution we are giving away two copies of Fit Kids Revolution right here on the blog. All you need to do to enter is leave a comment below sharing your favorite healthy snack…for you, your kids, your dog – we’re randomly selecting the winner so no need to over think it.

fit kids

Dr. Patricia Riba. Yes, she is this beautiful and that smart.

Patricia, I’m so proud of you and all that you continue to give to build healthy, happy families. I’m also thankful that you haven’t gotten annoying with all this health and fame and will still have and occasional  drink with me at any and all family gatherings.

Tell us, what’s your go to healthy snack? – This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Susan and Carol!!