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Photo courtesy of Businessweek.

The dining highlight of my recent trip to NYC was dinner at Sushi Nakazawa. Thankfully, there wasn’t an avocado in sight.

We felt lucky to score a reservation at the highly acclaimed Sushi Nakazawa in the West Village. Daisuke Nakazawais the young chef featured in the amazing documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi . If you’ve seen the movie, (if you haven’t, add it to your summer watch list) Daisuke is  the chef that makes the perfect egg custard.

nyc sushi

To sit at the Omakase (multi-course fixed menu) was quite an honor and experience. I loved that all decisions were made for me, because whatever this guy makes, I’m eating! Now, this is a no soy sauce or wasabi establishment. This is art. The chef with amazing subtleties of flavor creates each piece of sushi — the tuna was smoked with hay, an occasional delicate sear, some kissed by yuzu or a dusting of kumquat zest. Not to rub it in (ok, well maybe just a little), it was an outstanding, inventive, refined, delightful experience. I’m neither a restaurant reviewer nor a sushi expert, so check out what NY Times’ Pete Wells has to say about Sushi Nakazawa.

nyc sushi

The famed egg custard, which plays a prominent role in the movie, was featured at the end of our meal was worth the hype. I haven’t even been home for a week and I continue to dream, plot and plan for my next spot at Nakazawa’s table.


Side note: It’s funny how every time I’m in NYC I seem to eat both Santa Barbara Uni and Santa Barbara spot prawns, both of which were offered at Sushi Nakazawa. I hope these catches make it on more dining plates at home.