Baked Egg in Avocado: Eggocado

bowl of avocados

bowl of avocados

A quick trip to NYC, twenty-three videos on avocado for and a dreamy sushi dinner with a burger chaser…more on that part later.


Getting my avocado on at that studios.

Back home for all of nine hours, I’m up early with the kids still sleeping. I’m sitting in my office, black coffee in hand and listening to the small water fountain outside my office window. Isn’t it strange how absolutely comforting it is to come home from a trip and have coffee in your “house” mugs?  I’ve got just enough jet lag to sit down and write the blog at 4:30 am and enough distance from the avocado marathon to write about, well…avocados.

One of the standout recipes from my avocado series was this baked avocado; an eggocado if you will. You bake an egg in that creamy avocado, sliced in half it makes a perfect egg cup. I like to add a little cheese and some jalapeño for texture and spice. While it bakes the avocado gets soft and develops a delicious concentrated in flavor.


This is such a fun way to serve up eggs for a crowd because you can make a slew of them all at the same time. These eggocados were a hit with the video crew, and that was a good three hours into avocado land, so that says something.

These are especially good with a simple tomato salad, which by the looks of my garden I’ll be making very soon.

garden tomatoes

These little guys welcomed me home.

This avocado shake is amazing...really, it is.

Did someone say Avocado: Part 2?


Baked Egg in Avocado: Eggocado

Baked Egg in Avocado: Eggocado

Serves 4


2 hass avocado

1 egg

1 tsp of water

1 tsp jalapeno minced

1 tablespoon of jack cheese

Sea salt


Preheat oven 425


Slice avocados in half, removing the pit. You’re going to use the hole from the pit to cook the egg in— fun, right? Carefully slice a little off the bottom off your the halves, to make a nice and steady avocado to bake your egg in. Be careful not to slice too much, you don’t want to lose any of your egg mixture through the bottom. Place halves on a baking tray.


In a small bowl, whisk the egg with a splash of water and a small pinch of salt. Next, add cheese and jalapeño to the egg. Using a spoon, ladle the egg mixture into the pit holes of the avocados. After dividing the mixture between the four halves, top with a tiny pinch of cayenne pepper – a little goes a long way. Bake in the middle of the oven for 15-17 minutes, until egg has set. Add another pinch of sea salt and serve warm.