St. Patrick’s Day Slowdown

St Patrick's Day

OK, for the last few weeks I’ve been experiencing major issues with loading content onto the blog. Uploading photos is painfully slow, as in, it’s now 3:00 pm and the kids have to be picked up from school and I started this article at 10:00 am. It’s enough to drive a girl to drink — oh wait, maybe that was just lots of weekend celebrating.


I have so many things I want to share with you; new recipes, garden updates, my chicken coop…it is so damn frustrating to not be able to get it out in the blogosphere.


It was obvious I needed to make some changes to the backend infrastructure (sounds a little dirty), but if I was going down the techie road I figured why not give the blog a spring update on the design side, too?

These Irish Creme roses (the dusty colored ones) are my absolute favorite.

In the meantime, if things are “wonky” (that’s our highly technical term for blog slowness) please stick with us as we get things all nice and pretty. My goal is to have a blog that is easy to navigate, has tons of information to offer and is a fresh, fun place to hang out and putter.


Thank you for your patience and support — and you can always check out what’s happening on my Instagram feed (Eat Drink Garden) to get your fix. You can even catch a photo of my corned beef coming out of the oven tonight, calm down, don’t get overexcited! Seriously, I think I’d be pummeled with leprechaun shoes if I didn’t make corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick’s Day. My family is big on tradition.


In the meantime, I would value your input on what you would like to see here at Eat Drink Garden. Let me know what works for you and what we can do better. Thank you and a luck o’ the Irish cheers to you and yours!

Irish Dog