Sunset Smiles

valerie rice sunset

valerie rice sunset

The March issue of Sunset Magazine came out and there is a lot of celebrating in this house.  It’s so exciting to share this feature after a year of interviews and photos —yes, an entire year and you know I’m not a patient person! (Bonus: online there is also an extended feature about edible gardens that is filled with great tips.)

Being on the pages of Sunset is close to my heart, not just because it’s been in the works for months on end, but because as far back as I can remember Sunset Magazine was in our home. I can still see those stacks of Sunset’s in our reading nook, my mom dog-earing the gardening articles and trying out recipes. That’s the thing about Sunset, for us West Coasters, it’s part of our history. To see the blog jump to it’s hallowed pages is amazing.

Valerie Rice Sunset

That’s Tom hiding behind the bed as I “naturally” snip from the garden.

valerie rice

I love this dress, but we had to adjust it after every single shot.

This was a fun experience from start to finish; everyone at the magazine is nice and wonderful. Thank you, Tom Story and Kathleen Brenzel for capturing my life in the garden in such a beautiful way. My whole family enjoyed having the Sunset team in the house. In the magazine story there is a picture of my daughter —not smiling. She informed me that she didn’t smile because models don’t smile in magazines, well, only if they’re doing a toothpaste commercial.

Valerie Rice Sunset

I loved having the girls with me during shooting. Another generation of Sunset of readers!

Then I guess I’m courting Crest because I’m all smiles. I hope you get a chance to pick up a copy when you’re out and about, I know you’ll find a few things to dog-ear yourself.

sunset magazine 2014

Glass of wine post-shoot. Nothing can happen around here without Leah! Friend, project manager and head fluffer (literally).