Pink Jasmine

santa barbara jasmine

santa barbara jasmine

I’ve had a thing for pink jasmine ever since I moved to Santa Barbara. My first apartment here was adorned with jasmine draping over the front door. I’ve always had a thing for the name Jasmine as well, but when your last name is Rice, it gets axed off the baby name list pretty fast.

jasmine arrangment

Right now, pink jasmine is draping over fences all over town, have you seen it? When blooming it seems as if the whole city is scented with that intoxicating fresh perfume. With winter’s rather lame showing this year it’s blooming on the early side and I’m not complaining.

pink jasmine

Last year, I planted this pink jasmine aka jasminum polyanthum.  I was looking for a fast growing climber to cover a simple (ok, sad) wooden fence that blocks the pool equipment. Planted in full sun, this jasmine is doing its job and then some — it’s pretty and a master of disguise, scents our yard with that tropical delicious fragrance and makes for whimsical flower arrangements.

small flower arrangements

Even after forcing my roses into dormancy they are still starting to flower.

pretty pink jasmine

I love jasmine tea, too. Years back, when I landed in Hong Kong I was delivered a cup of the most delicious jasmine tea and have been hooked ever since. My favorite stateside is this jasmine green tea I found at Cost Plus; it’s organic, wrapped up in pretty silk sachets, light in caffeine, and the mild, beautifully scented tea feels like a special treat to sip.

best jasmine tea