Drought Distress


santa barbara drought

When the water company sends a letter informing residents that if the lack of rain persists, come mid-July the town will run out of water, it kind of puts a damper on enjoying this glorious weather.

Ever since that warning hit my mailbox I’ve been doing research, collecting tips for drought tolerant gardening. I was planning on sharing a recipe here today, but this feels like more important information to share (did you buy that cover? I’m a little behind on recipe inspiration at the moment…and this is timely information for the California contingency).


Step 1: Stock-up on these babies.

Some tips (thank you, Save Our H2O, Sunset and Pat Welsh):

Check your sprinklers and make sure they are sprinkling your plants, rather than pathways or house.

Mulch like crazy – keeps the soil cool and reduces evaporation. It also improves soil and prevents weeds.

mulch in drought

Plant drought resistant trees and plants.

drought tolerant garden

Sedum is great because it’s a succulent that adds a pop of color.

astro turf pool

When we first moved in I wasn’t sold on the astroturf around the pool, now I think it’s brilliant!!!

Prioritize: Save your larger/older species shrubs and vines that add charm to your garden. New plantings and grasses can easily be replaced.

older plants

Drip systems are terrific and can be buried for deep watering, which translates to less watering.

drip system

My years of Catholic upbringing are showing. Now, I’m feeling guilty about the drought and not having a recipe ready — we made our favorite lentil tacos this weekend served with naked guacamole, do these links to recipes count for anything?

potted succulent