She Knows~How to Host the Ultimate Superbowl Party

From cheering for your favorite teams to enjoying game day fare, Super Bowl parties are fun to attend and even more fun to host. Our Super Bowl party plan includes everything from Super Bowl party food to Super Bowl party decorations and will keep your littlest and biggest fans happy.

Set the scene
One of the best and easiest ways to add some punch to your party decor is color. This year’s Super Bowl teams are the Seattle Seahawks — whose colors are “college navy” and “action green,” with an accent of “wolf gray” — and the Denver Broncos — whose colors are bright orange and navy blue. Have some fun with the team colors in your decor! Three sweet and simple ideas are:

Think of the kids
If your party guest list includes children, plan a few simple activities to keep them busy. Happy, entertained kids means their parents are relaxed and free to socialize. In this case, happy kids mean a happy party! Some kid-friendly ideas include:

Create a signature cocktail
Signature cocktails raise the fun a notch or two. This year, try these perfect team-themed cocktails. They’re simple to make and are sure to please.

Food, glorious food
Some of the best memories are made gathered around the table — or the counter — enjoying delicious food with family and friends. Consider keeping food simple and pre-made. Put in your kitchen time in advance so you can fully enjoy the party you’re hosting.



Three simple ideas are:

Set up a party food bar. Everything from chili to tacos to sandwiches can be served “bar style” with the ingredients displayed in pretty serving dishes so guests can create their own meals.
Try a tasting. There’s something fun about small bites and lots of variety. Consider serving two kinds of the same food, such as traditional chili and white chicken chili or spicy salsa and fruit salsa. Servings can be small — think soup “shooters” instead of bowls — for this serving style, and from appetizers to main dishes, this is such a fun take on party food.
Chips and dip are a game day tradition that there’s no need to shy away from. Buy a variety of fun chips and serve them with great dips. We love Valerie Rice’s goat Gouda dip and bean dip for perfect crowd pleasers.

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