Inspired by Mattei’s Tavern: Grilled Avocado

grilled avocado with sauce

grilled avocado

Hi, again. Feels like it’s been awhile, but the kiddos are finally off to school again and I can share a little of the love here.  The break from blog land has been good, it’s given me a little space to move around a bit and come up with new ideas and recipes.

Over the holidays, on my list of favorite gifts were bags of fresh picked avocados from friends’ gardens. Considering Santa also left me some pretty killer heels, that’s saying a lot. Too bad this isn’t eat, drink, stilettos.

bowl of avocados

OK, Val- back to avocados. There are at least eight different varieties of avocados in California alone, and I will eat them all. Hass are usually available year around and are often my default choice. For this recipe you are looking for semi-firm fruit, not quite ready for guacamole but beyond the Titleist Pro VI stage.

sliced avocado

This recipe is a copycat-ish version of a starter they serve at Mattei’s Tavern.  It’s a great new year recipe because it’s healthy, it’s fresh and it’s delicious. Mattei’s serves this with fresh wasabi; if you have access to those kinds of riches then please, please share the wealth over my way.

Here, we up the spice/heat with freshly grated horseradish. It adds wonderful texture and you can track it down in the produce section — I’m talkin’ even our ghetto local Von’s. Store the horseradish in your crisper wrapped loosely in plastic, then peel and use as needed. You can also peel it completely and freeze in pieces.

grilled avocado

avocado sauce

Three pantry staples for the sauce- that’s it.


It does snow in So Cal…horseradish snow at least.

grilled avocado with sauce

Inspired by Mattei’s Tavern: Grilled Avocado

Grilled Avocado

Serves 6 or 2 very selfish adults


Five total ingredients are all it takes. Grilling the avocado adds a great caramelized flavor and the sauce couldn’t be easier.


3 avocados, semi-firm, peeled and sliced in half.

1 tablespoon Tamari Lite

1 teaspoon rice wine vinegar (unseasoned)

1 1/2 teaspoons fresh lime juice

Fresh horseradish root, grated or fresh wasabi, grated


Fire up a grill pan, indoor grill or outdoor BBQ to medium-high heat. Mix the sauce in a small bowl — tamari, rice wine vinegar and lime juice.


Place the avocados on the hot grill pan and grill flesh side down for three minutes, then rotate 90 degrees and grill another 3 to 4 minutes.  You should have nice hash marks (#grilledavocado). Place grilled avocado on platter or plate (I set them on a little bed of arugula to help them from sliding around) Drizzle the sauce over the avocados and grate horseradish to taste. Voila!