Garden Woes and Hoes

Garden bed

These days, things are a little stunted and slow growing in the ole veggie garden. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful for our nice weather while the rest of the nation is freezing their patooties off. Still, even after adding fresh soil, replanting one entire bed and praying daily to the Greens Goddess my results are less than hunky dory. What’s the problem people? Are my boxes too shallow? Depth requirements for most garden veggies range from 12” – 36” and my beds fall on the shorter end of that spread. Maybe I need to build the height up? I get giddy at the thought of pulling out my nail gun.


My stunted arugula that normally grows like crazy.

Back to complaining: In the lower garden, aphids are biting my brassicas’ butt. The romanesco is as popular with these pests as a vodka luge at a frat party.

winter aphids

A bright spot are those geranium cuttings I just shoved in the ground with a Hail Mary prayer in June are actually growing.

winter garden

Back in June…

winter garden

…and here they are today.

It’s nice to have something growing, because everything else seems to be getting hit by the pruning shears, from my roses to raspberry bushes.

winter rose garden

Even the chickens are getting a little feisty lately (I’m eating clean and shunning wine this month, what’s their excuse?).  At every feeding they jump up all over me and I feel like the pigeon lady in Mary Poppins. Only two of the three are laying for me — while those would be good odds at the aphid frat house, I want my eggs! What’s up with #3? I’m thinking our Judy may be a George, for the meantime we’ll just call he/she Terry.

winter chicken