Winter Garden

winter garden

winter garden

I should be offering recipes for Christmas cookies or showing off showing you my decorated tree, but even with Bing Crosby on repeat, and a stack of gifts waiting to be wrapped, all I want to do is be out in the garden. So if you’re inclined to step away from the holiday hustle for a few minutes, come take a peek at what’s going on.

boots and chicken

My new boots are a hit with the chickens and me—how can you go wrong with fuzzy lined wedge heels?

santa barbara garden

With my favorite little (well, not so little anymore!) helpers in tow, we spent a Saturday replanting one of our garden beds. Rows of fall crops were lingering, but it was all slow growing and a bit stunted.  So, we decided to clear out the stagnant seedlings and amend the bed with fresh soil. A combination of Harvest Supreme and organic potting soil did the trick. The girls went to work planting carrots and two types of radishes from seed.  We finished with a sprinkling of spirulina on the rows and now everything is looking tiptop.


winter garden

Our gloriously delicious Bearss lime tree on the patio was struggling.  We figured out that the cascading bacopa (those little white flowers you see all the time) was suffocating the lime tree’s roots, taking all the nutrition from the soil. The bacopa came out, all new potting soil went in, and finished with a hit of liquid B1—legend has it that it does wonders for citrus. Winter, or winter Santa Barbara style, is doing its thing—cauliflower and broccoli are coming in nicely, the yuzo is turning golden and beautiful.  Ready to be plucked!

yuzu tree


I’m most excited about the 100+ bulbs dropped in lines along the rose garden. Alternating colors of narcissus should be blooming when the roses are not…we still need to hang our stockings and I’m already dreaming of Easter egg hunts.

bulbs in rose garden

We made circles in the dirt to mark where we planted the bulbs.

natural christmas decor

Okay, maybe a little-bitty Christmas show-off time. Photo by Evan Janke