December: Pick Now!

december produce

december produce

How did December get here so damn fast? In the flurry of all your shopping, glass clinking and nibbling treats by the gallon, don’t forget that December offers so many treasures that make for fresh and tasty meals. Here in So Cal we’re lucky enough to have gardens that keep on giving and this girl is taking with glee.

Brassicas are awesome this month- try some Jazzed Up Roasted Cauliflower or Roasted Broccoli along with a protein and dinner is ready. Yes, kale is still going strong (both in the garden and the veggie popularity contest). Farmers markets are the place to pillage pomegranates, persimmons and pears— give my Holiday Persimmon Cookies a whirl for something a little different and delicious.

winter lemon

Of course, citrus is the season’s show-off. Put it to very good use shaking up some holiday-worthy cocktails—Blood Orange Martinis, Ginger Jingle, Cara Cara Cocktail and Salty Dogs when you need to ease the pain the morning, or afternoon, after.

I’ve enjoyed putting together a full year of these Pick Now! Calendars and hope it has been an inspiration to shop and seek out the best of each month. Click on the map below for an interactive version, giving you some facts about the showstoppers of the month and hyperlinks to Eat Drink Garden recipes.Wishing you all a very merry holiday season!

01 VR EDG Pick Now Dec

And this PDF below gives you a pretty printable version. Post it up as a reference on the fridge or take it with you to the grocery store or farmers market to guide you straight to December’s best offerings.

Click here for the easy print PDF version.

golden cauliflower

Golden cauliflower