Tuesday Tip: Thanksgiving Wine

thanksgiving wine

thanksgiving wine

I thought today would be a good day to share some broad wine selections for your turkey day table. Let’s face it— selecting wine, especially something different, can be intimidating. The good news is there are quite a few different wines that go well with your Thanksgiving meal.

Just take this cheat sheet here and tuck it in your back pocket and head to a wine store or perhaps your fave neighborhood wine bar (Les Marchands, I’m looking at you) and you’ll be ready to eat, drink and be merry.

gamay noir

Gamay Noir:

This is the first recommendation the wine world will tell you to pour with that turkey, and for good reason. It is light and fruity, but still rich and complex (enter your favorite gay friend’s name here). Find a Gamay Noir made in a traditional style and you’ll have yourself a quaffer.

thanksgiving wine


Think pink! Rosé is typically categorized as a summer wine, but it’s a great choice for your holiday table. It makes for a refreshing contrast to all the warm, butter-laden dishes. Rosé works with the main course, but it’s also not too light/heavy to under/overwhelm the side dishes. In other words, pour yourself a glass.



Go ahead, drink it the whole meal— we’re celebrating, right? Look for a grower producer with a low dosage for the best price and selection. It won’t leave you with that terrible hangover you remember from your college roommates taffeta laden wedding.

thanksgiving wine


This Italian lip smacker is fruity but dry. It will pair well with your feast, but give it a little chill before serving. A Barbera will please a lot of different palates at the table including yours, because you are a foodie that likes good wine.

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