Halloween Menu

halloween kids

halloween kids

For those that know me, most would never say I’m the mom planning my Halloween menu way in advance. However, these spider webbed doorways and piles of pumpkins put on the pressure and guilt (Catholic issues) to get my act together, at least on the blog.

For the week of Halloween, I have a theory of stacking the deck with plenty of healthy food and then let the kids truly enjoy trick or treating, not stressing over how much is consumed from that pillow case…including a Reese’s peanut butter cup or two for me. It’s just one night, right?

This menu works for me for on a few levels (just click on any of the items above to be taken directly to the recipes). It meets my biggest criteria; it’s all seasonal, delicious, fresh food. Also, everything can be prepped in advance, which is a must for mid-week entertaining. As I mentioned earlier, it’s heavy on veggies and protein so we can load up the kids with real food before they head out the door to candy land.

I do add popcorn balls to the spread, mostly because my friend Megan Allison’s mom always made them for us growing up. My mom was the costume queen not the baker.  More than candy or costumes, Halloween is really about childhood- past, present and future.

Halloween snacks

pumpkin head