Gratitude Change

garden roses

santa barbara hiking

Last week was one of those weeks; even bright-eyed bloggers get the blues. By Thursday, I was over it and forced myself to grab the dog and take a hike, hoping it would lead me out of funk-y town.

santa barbara

At the top of the mountain, the stunning view of Santa Barbara helped my heart and the climb helped kick my booty into gear. Back at home, as I was filling my hike partner’s water bowl, it was with refreshed eyes that I looked around the garden.

In my funk I had almost missed the first pomegranate on my tree, the riot of roses blooming, kumquats budding and fruiting simultaneously…and not to go all Oprah on you or anything, it was an a-ha moment that the best way to calm the inside is to get the hell outside.


This kumquat tree I bought at Von’s last year and look at it now.

garden roses

Hot Cocoa Roses, can you believe that gorgeous color?

aloe plant

Aloe sculptural beauty.

dahlias in the garden

Through the summer dahlias have larger blooms. In the fall they have fewer petals and take on a quieter kind of pretty.

yuzu tree

Waiting for the first ripe yuzu’s from our tree.

chocolate cosmos flowers

My beloved chocolate cosmos are still in bloom.

pomegranate tree

First pomegranate.

garden roses

These Francis Meilland rose bushes were a Christmas gift from my mom. These roses are almost as lovely as she is.