Baby Shower in the Garden

shower table

shower table

There is always that question about whether it’s appropriate to have a shower for a second baby—I mean we already have so much for baby #1. However, I think a shower is more about showing your support and love for that friend and future little one, then about showering them with gifts.

It’s a chance to make the mom feel celebrated and special. It doesn’t need to be an overly elaborate, theme-drenched event. Some thoughtful, pretty touches is all it takes to create a beautiful day.

baby shower advice

I was excited to put this shower together for Sarah, a dear friend since college. For inspiration, I asked about her nursery colors and let those, and the season, be my guide for the food and flowers for a garden lunch.

valerie and sarah

water infused

Lemon verbena, mint, lemon– just add water.

veggie platter

Gotta have my veggie platter in the mix somewhere.

Just one passed appetizer is plenty: GF crackers with Bellwether Ricotta, grilled peaches, fresh mint and a dusting of za’atar.

appetizer shower

doggy outside

Golden Celebration roses were bought locally to use in the main floral arrangement. However, all the petals fell off when I tried to arrange them (yes, there were tears…and wine). Plan B  was to fill a bowl with the beautiful petals and float a few castaways in finger bowls filled with water.

rose petals in bowl

We started lunch with a salad of arugula, Serrano ham and farmers market melon with cracked pepper.

first course plated

Instead of goodie bags guests went home with a yellow mini orchid, nestled in moss and plunged into little cups.

place setting

A combination of colored cherry tomatoes filled these individual cobblers for the main course.

tomato cobbler

Sarah’s favorite dessert is ice cream, so we finished with these rustic ice cream sandwiches.

ice cream sandwich

Elizabeth made the sweet flowers which adorned this otherwise inelegant (drippy, messy) dessert. Remember those rose petal finger bowls?

Fast forward a month and we all have a beautiful baby girl to cherish!