Post swim warm up

If this photo doesn’t say summer in Nantucket, I’m not sure what does.


To get me in a Nantucket state of mind, I read this fun book pre-trip. I didn’t want to like it, but it made me go to bed early every night just to read an extra chapter.

Beautiful Day

However, this was the book that heightened my desire to see the islands off the coast of Boston when I read it a couple of years ago.

caleb's crossing cover

I imagine that this is more of what things looked like in the 1600’s.

wildlife preserve

Of course, I tracked down a farm stand. It made for some great snacking back at our hotel.


nantucket snack

Everything in Nantucket is clean, neat, preppy and picturesque. I felt the constant urge to mess it up a little bit.

nantucket preppy

Don’t think I didn’t want to kick that adorable bike right over.

During an afternoon downpour, we had to teach our little Santa Barbara girls how to use an umbrella.


We covered all our bases in the food department…


tuna salad

hot dog nantucket

Our favorite meal was a magical trip across the lagoon to Topper’s at The Wauwinet .  The food at the restaurant was as spectacular as the sunset we watched on the boat ride over.


This was the view on one side of the boat…

toppers night

…and this was the view out the other.


What I would give to have this duck egg dish, again (and again)!

The change of scenery provided ample inspiration. I returned with a notebook full of ideas, recipes and more that I can’t wait to share with you soon.

I was also welcomed home by a garden that didn’t seem to notice we were gone for two weeks—it kept right on growing. It was crying out for some TLC, but still gave a big time harvest that was a mix of summer’s end and the start of fall.

summer harvest

fall harvest