August: Pick Now!

august pick now

august pick now

August! Really? How did that happen? This season closer is the true celebration of summer’s bounty—so many sunshine days make the produce and flower lists longer and longer. Gardens and farmers markets are bursting with melons, tomatoes, cucumbers, beans and my beloved stone fruit.

Here in Santa Barbara I’m busy in the kitchen trying to keep up with my garden. I’ve been making Moroccan Eggplant Salad, Pickled Refrigerator Cucumbers and Fresh Tomato Soup.

august pick now

My favorite task of the month is tending to my dahlias and roses. They’re in quite the show-off phase, I’ve been indulging their diva behavior and snipping with total delight.

If you click on the map below, you’ll find an interactive version, giving you some facts about August showstoppers and hyperlinks to recipes for what’s in season now.

And this PDF below gives you a pretty printable version. Post it up as a reference on the fridge or take it with you to the grocery store or farmers market.

Click to Download a Printable PDF of the Calendar

As we slide into the homestretch of summer, what’s showing off in your garden?