Pretty Summer Garden

cherry tomatoes

yellow jacaranda

Tipuana Tipu tree— I think??? It’s blooming on and all over the patio. Pretty. Messy. Beautiful.

We just returned home from a road trip up the coast. Yes, I took my own advice and escaped town with the family! Check out the blog tomorrow to see my favorite moments and tastes from the trip.

Dragging the suitcases from the car and sifting through the heaps of laundry, I decided to procrastinate just a little and grab my camera and see what was happening in the garden. The laundry can wait!  Or maybe not?!?

Here’s what I found on my excursion out back.

Awhile back, I threw a bunch of old seeds in this bed just to see what would happen—boy, there’s a joke in there somewhere. The amaranth took nicely…


…and so did the poppies.

poppies in the garden

These beautiful tomatillos find their way into salsa and into flower arrangements, too.


Hi there, pumpkin.

pumpkin in the garden

I was so excited when I planted 25 of these cafe au lait dahlias.  They were supposed to be pink…that is another story for another day— it’s still too raw to mention.

white dahlia

Here is one of my Instagram photos (one of my latest obsessions).  This is a peek at the upper veggie beds glistening in the sun just for you.

summer garden

Remember those veggie tree boxes? I’d say they’re doing a fine job.

cherry tomatoes


cherry tomatoes

My Gruss an Aachen roses in the garden, blooming like crazy. They look so pretty it’s hard to snip them and bring them inside.

german garden roses

Our trellis for the green beans, they can’t say we never did anything for them.

cucumbers in the garden

Black Knight scabiosa in the garden and making the sweetest little posy in the kitchen.


I’d like to introduce you to our newest family member, Gilligan, the Russian tortoise.


Alpine strawberries being smuggled.

picking strawberries

Hope you’re in the midst of a wonderful summer.