New Product: Iron Roasting Basket

iron basket

iron basket

It all started a few years ago. My garden was giving me all this wonderful produce and I wanted an easy, efficient way to make the rajas, roasted salsa and grilled eggplant that we loved. There were also those times when all I wanted was to roast a tomato or two without having to trek outside and fire up the grill. Just like my apron line, I designed this iron roasting basket out of necessity— thanks mom for teaching us the independence to solve our own problems.

My first iron-roasting basket was created a couple years back and it’s a kitchen workhorse. It sits right on top of your gas stovetop and roasts produce beautifully and easily, elevating your vegetables with an amazing flame-roasted flavor. It also makes it easy to roast smaller items like cherry tomatoes, serranos and jalapeños. Use it on your gas grill to roast up some veggies while you cook a steak or pack it up for your next camping adventure.

roasted vegetables

Partnering with local iron artisans, I’m thrilled to offer a limited run of these iron roasting baskets, offered first to my faithful Eat Drink Garden readers. These heavy, hand-forged iron baskets are crafted locally in Santa Barbara and each piece is one of a kind. Made to roast a variety of fresh produce, including peppers, tomatoes, onions, tomatillos, corn, eggplant, garlic and more. Flame-roasting chars the skin of the produce creating an intensely aromatic smoke flavor like no other.

We are running a special for free shipping, which is good for you- because these suckers are heavy! Included with each iron basket order are care instructions and recipe cards. I’ll also be sharing some more of favorite recipes that put the grill to good use here on the blog in the weeks ahead. I hope this piece finds a special place in your kitchen, too.

iron roasting basket