Web Wound Up

Today’s blog shares a few favorites of mine from the web and app store. When I’m out with friends we always end up trading sources that we’ve found. There is so much information out there it can be overwhelming, so it’s always nice to have a recommendation from someone with similar taste and style.  I’d love to hear your favorites, too.

Relish Supper Club App

Relish Supper Club App


Relish, Supper Club

I’ve used Relish’s app for the iPad for a while now, its a great resource for dinnertime inspiration.  Their newest app, Supper Club ($1.99) provides collections of full seasonal menus with recipes and serving tips.

I love that it’s broken down by season, because that’s how I cook every day. They also give great wine recommendation guidance, suggesting region and type over specific brands making it easier to find a good match.

Photo by Slim Paley

Photo by Slim Paley


Slim Paley

“Slim” as she is known here in Santa Barbara, really does a brilliant job with her lifestyle blog, Slim Paley, The Stuff of Life. It’s always fun and colorful, both in pictures and the written word. This spot makes for a wonderful little escape and always leaves me inspired in some way. I especially loved her recent Memorial Day post.  As a Belgian (well, half of me) the story of her parents discovering her grandfather’s grave especially resonated with me.  I know it sounds morbid, but trust me, it’s a lovely tale – especially how she tells it.

My list of lists

My list of lists


Our Groceries

Santa Barbara is an amazing place to live, but not for one stop shopping. Weekly grocery shopping starts to feel like a hunting and gathering expedition. My husband found this (FREE!) app, Our Groceries, to organize my list of all of my lists all over town. He considered this his contribution to the grocery shopping duties for the year, well, except when he jonesing for some Cheetos for watching the game and it magically appears on my list.

I have lists set-up for the farmers market, Von’s, pet store, Costco, Tri-County Produce, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and even the home improvement store.  As a busy mom who constantly gets distracted this app is a lifesaver. When I’m out and about I can have my lists ready.  You also can share your lists with people like your husband, housekeeper or house elf.

chicken coop

Dog-proof chicken coop construction underway



My friend Janet tipped me off to this website and I now I’m obsessed.  Consider yourself warned.  Houzz has over 1.5 million photos from leading designers, lets you gather what you like into an idea book and can even line up a contractor in your area to make it happen at your house. I love that is covers such a wide array of architectural styles, with tons of rooms and gardens to peruse. I was able to gather some great ideas for my new chicken coop project along with feeding my kitchen obsession board on Pinterest.

Now, it’s your turn. What sites or apps have made your life better?