May: Pick Now!

rhubarb stalks

rhubarb stalks

Photo by Erin Feinblatt

All across the US, May is glorious.  The sun comes out, rain showers subside and gardens thrive in longer days with  light. All the ripe vegetables and fruit, all the blooming flowers, May’s harvest season is astounding.

Here in Santa Barbara, my dahlias are breaking through the soil, the roses are going gang busters and we’re harvesting kale, fava beans, strawberries and the first of the raspberries and even a few early tomatoes. My hope is this Pick Now! calendar will help you seek out the treasures of May at the farmers market, grocery store or your own backyard.

Click above to see an interactive version of the map, with hyperlinks to recipes for what’s in season and information about the showstoppers of May. And the link below will give you a pretty printable version, you can put it up as a reference on the fridge or take it with you to the grocery store or farmers market.

Click to Download a Printable PDF of the Calendar

As always, throughout the month, I’ll be here sharing recipes and tips that show off the best of the May’s produce and flowers in fresh and tasty ways.