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mother's day

A breakfast tray for Mom from my segment on yesterday's show

I had a great time on the Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family show this week sharing how to make and easy and elegant Mother’s Day for the special women in your life. All mom really wants on Mother’s Day is to feel special and a little pampered. Here’s how you can start her day right and all it takes is one quick trip to the grocery store!

flowers for mom

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Pre-show prep...where's a glass of wine when you need it?


Home & Family Mother’s Day Tips

Easy Flower Upgrade


It’s starts with a bouquet of fresh flowers. Whatever you do, don’t give mom a grocery store bouquet of flowers still wrapped in cellophane!


It’s so easy to do better and at the grocery store. Just put down the mixed bouquet and think multiples. Flowers are inexpensive in the spring, at the grocery store instead of one bouquet of tulips, get four of the same color. Right now, this will cost anywhere from $20-30 total and make mom feel so special.


When you get home, remove that cellophane and cut the rubber band off. Fluff the flowers out a bit, and simply tie a ribbon or twine around the bouquet. You don’t even need to tie a bow, just knot it twice and let it hang like a sash.

Breakfast for Mom

Breakfast in bed is a way to start mom’s morning with love. Here’s a few easy ways to make it delicious and memorable.

One Simple Egg


Serves 1


This recipe fits into my philosophy of taking a few well-chosen ingredients and making them amazing. With this low-heat cooking technique you can make the most moist, delicious, French-style omelet that mom will love.



1 egg

Sea salt

Fresh ground pepper

½ tsp. fresh herbs (thyme, chives and/or parsley)

1 tablespoon Parmesan, grated

Scant pat of butter



8-9 inch sauté pan

Small bowl

Whisk or fork

Rubber spatula

Cheese grater


Preheat sauté pan over low heat.


In a small bowl, crack egg and add a pinch of salt. Whisk for about five counts, until there are no streaks and it’s a consistent pale yellow color.


Take butter and rub the butter, coating the inside of the pan.


Pour in egg and let it quietly cook on low. After about a minute, gently loosen side with the spatula. Turn pan 180 degrees to ensure even cooking. Continue to cook for about one more minute.


While the egg is cooking, chop the fresh herbs and grate the Parmesan, about a tablespoon.


Then, sprinkle Parmesan down the center of the egg.  Fold over one third into the middle, and then repeat with the other side. Roll onto plate.


Sprinkle egg with fresh herbs, a little more cheese and a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Serve.

strawberries with sour cream and brown sugar

Strawberries with Sour Cream & Brown Sugar


This is the easiest dessert you can make- there is no cooking or mixing! And the fresh fruit makes a great morning treat that the kids can share with mom.


When you are at the market getting flowers, grab a few baskets of strawberries too- they are in season and so juicy and wonderful.


Simply put out a bowl of fresh berries, a small bowl of sour cream and a small bowl of brown sugar. If sour cream isn’t your thing, try Greek yogurt.


Gather around the bowl (this is family style dining at it’s best) and dip your berry in the cream and then the sugar and just like that— a wonderful, fresh dessert.


Make this feel extra special by pulling out your good stuff and using your good dishes— think porcelain and silver. It just takes a few thoughtful touches to make Mom feel special.

 milk brother

Coffee or Tea Latte


This is a great way to spoil mom with a special treat, a cafe latte. If you really want to go all out, surprise her with the Nepresso Areoccino frother (Williams-Sonoma carries them). In 60 seconds, it warms and froths ½ cup of milk to make awesome at home coffee or tea lattes. It will bring a little luxury to mom’s coffee every morning.


To make a latte sans frother simply heat milk on the stove until it is warm to the touch. Then, whisk, whisk for about a minute until it starts to get foamy.


Brew some strong coffee or tea and pour that into a large coffee cup and then top off with the steamed milk, a scoop of the froth and a sprinkle of cinnamon.