Blood Orange and Ginger Sorbet

blood orange sorbet

blood orange sorbet

Slice into a blood orange and it feels Italian, very cool, very Fonzie.  This bad ass fruit offers bold beauty and flavor. A juicy, speckled red-orange carrying a hint of spicy and a dash of bitterness.

I have been buying blood oranges by the basketful, knowing their harvest season is almost finished. I’ve still been able to find them at Whole Foods.  We had some oranges that were nearing their expiration date, which inspired me to give this sorbet a try.

I love having an ice cream maker, because if you store the insert in the freezer all the time, you can have ice cream in minutes. If you have a garden or are an over buyer like me, it really makes great use of all that excessive fruit. I thought pairing the blood oranges with ginger would be a great flavor combination, and there was the small detail that the only simple syrup I had in my fridge was ginger flavored.

sorbet ingredients

The result was gorgeous, refreshing and cool. The little hint of ginger tastes delicious and pairs beautifully with these oranges in the sorbet.

This would also make for a showstopper cocktail: scoop a small ball or two of sorbet into your prettiest cocktail glass and add a shot of your best vodka. Hand that to you guests—you’ll wow them more than Fonzie knocking the jukebox to attention.

sorbet served

Note: The vibrant juice of blood oranges do stain clothing easily, so squeeze with care. I feel better giving you this recipe after sharing my go-to stain remover yesterday! I really think the main reason my girls love to snack on these is they are left with lips stained the most robust shade of pink.

Blood Orange and Ginger Sorbet

Blood Orange and Ginger Sorbet


1 3/4 cup blood orange juice (5-6 oranges)

1/4 cup ginger simple syrup (recipe below)


Stir juice and syrup together. Transfer mixture to your ice cream maker and process according to manufacturer’s instructions.


Ginger Simple Syrup


I love having this simple syrup on hand. It’s works to sweeten and flavor cocktails, tea or sorbets. It also puts to work that last nub of ginger that never seems to get used.


To make the syrup:

¼ cup peeled and sliced fresh ginger

1 cup of sugar

1½ cup of water


Add the ingredients to the pot and stir until sugar dissolves. Leave the ginger pieces in and let cool. Store in the refrigerator until ready to use.