Tuesday Tips: Laundry Day

laundry day

laundry day

Yes, I bought this purely based on packaging...I'll let you know if it works.

Don’t you think there’s something cathartic and totally satisfying about doing laundry? I feel like a pioneer wife, finding stains and going to work on them…but then, I quickly thank God for technology and throw the clothes in the washer and walk away. My favorite part of laundry is the folding. I love to find a spot to sit, guilt-free, smelling the toasty warm clothes of my family and neatly stacking them in the basket until it starts all over again.

Here are a few of my favorite laundry helpers:


Carbona Stain Devils: For stains, nothing that I have come across works better than this line of stain removers. Each formula tackles different types of stains. The stains we battle most tell the story of our life at home: wine, chocolate, berries and garden stains. One of these yellow bottles have saved so many of our clothes.

Our most-used is Formula #8 for wine, tea, coffee and juice—big surprise, huh? The best part is you can find them at our local Von’s for under five bucks. These little devils have paid for themselves ten times over.

The Laundress: My friend Cece, a personal organizer in Santa Barbara, referred me to this awesome site and blog that has so many laundry tips and tricks. From washing suits and blazers, to cashmere, to bug and moth prevention they give you the cleaning scoop on everything. I haven’t ordered any of their products (yet!) but I like their philosophy about using the dry cleaner and harsh chemicals less and natural ingredients more.

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The Rowenta Pressure Iron and Steamer: This is the BEST iron I have found in the USA. Yes, it’s expensive, but consider it an investment in your laundry and life. It’s well built, gentle on fabrics and makes ironing well, kind of fun. Seriously! The best feature is it gives up to 90 minutes of steam— letting you power through ironing tablecloths and sheets with ease.

Do you have any laundry day favorites?