Spring Cleaning

eat drink garden recipes

garden card

Things have gotten pretty busy around here in the last few months. It’s time to take a day to regroup and reorganize, kind of a spring cleaning, blog style.

Here are a couple of things to make Eat Drink Garden life easier for you:

eat drink garden recipes

Print Recipes

First, something that has been driving me crazy forever has been fixed! The print recipe feature at the end of each post will now only print the recipe text, not all of the images.

Thank you for your patience on that one— backend technical prowess doesn’t come as easily to me as say, eating, drinking and gardening.

Recipe Box

And just like that cute dress you forgot in the back of your closet; don’t forget about the personal recipe box feature. Once you’re an EDG subscriber, you can save anything you find on the blog to your personal recipe box. At the end of each post, right next to the comment and print option, you just click to save to recipe box.

Anytime you come to the blog, just click on the pretty little recipe box icon at the top of the page you’ll be directly taken to your list of saved recipes.

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Wish List:

And here’s what I need from you as we move into spring and summer. What would you like to see more of on the blog? Family meals? Flower arranging? Entertaining tips? Cocktails? Wine recommendations? Favorite finds? Please, just tell me!

Thank you for your faithful readership, you make this a fun, delicious adventure. Cheers to you!