Pucci Inspired Flowers

justine's flowers

This is my friend Justine:

fashion blogger

Some people see things through rose colored glasses, I prefer Champagne.  

Justine is all about Pucci. She’s been collecting vintage Pucci pieces for almost a decade. So while we mommies are running thru the pickup line at school in black yoga pants, Justine is sporting something fabulous, bright and well, Pucci. She’s such a fun contradiction—a no nonsense Iowa girl trapped in Barbie’s body. You want to hate her, but instead you totally fall in love with her, she’s just one of those people.

For Justine’s recent birthday I thought I’d try to arrange a bouquet of flowers inspired by her favorite designer.

The operative word is try.  Work with me, folks.

pucci bouquet

pucci inspiration

To get me started I referenced this amazing Pucci coffee table book from Taschen that my husband gave me for Christmas a few years ago.

With more involved arrangements it really helps me to have a particular direction and inspiration or I can get off track.

pucci flowers

beautiful flowers

When working with a large amount of flowers it helps to clump multiples of the same type together. This keeps the blooms from getting lost and really shows off the personality and color of each flower.

spring bouquet

It took me a couple of tries, but eventually the arrangement came together. Justine loved them, in a way only the co-founder of my alter blog eat-drunk-garden could. Happy Birthday, Justine. Cheers!

justine's flowers