The Well-Chosen Restaurant: London



The Wolseley, photo from

As requested, here’s a list of some of the restaurants and bars we visited on our recent trip to London.  Be kind with my not so great photos, I was trying to be discreet and not drive my husband crazy.

lanesborough bar

The Library Bar at the Lanesborough Hotel is probably my most favorite bar in the world.  It’s gorgeous and warm, dripping in mahogany, with high ceilings and incredible lighting that makes even the old look young.  The piano player, Brian, is the perfect accompaniment whilst you sip your single malt whiskey or gin & tonic.

claridges bar

The Fumoir Bar at Claridges is another London must.  The black leather-lined walls in this cigar bar add such drama to the tiny deco space.  I think it only seats about 14 people. It’s such a treat to go there just to get a glimpse and view the incredible Lalique barware, but certainly stay for a cocktail or two….

medlar london

Located in Chelsea, Medlar offers a true English fine dining experience. This intimate restaurant is very special treat.

indian food amaya

I had to eat Indian food and Amaya was the just the ticket.  The food is served in a tapas-like style with so many wonderful things from the clay oven, grill or braising station.  The food was tremendous and atmosphere fun. Even though they were  awarded a prestigious Michelin star the vibe is relaxed. I’m ready to go back—just the sirloin and the curry chicken would make me board a 10+ hour flight again.

le petite maison

It felt like we were plucked up from a cold winter London day and dropped into the warm and wonderful South of France at Le Petite Maison.  The food was fresh and delicious.  We also drank some killer wine and the staff was so friendly!

great queen street

Great Queen Street is somewhat of a whole-in-the-wall restaurant that surprised. This unsuspecting spot honored the seasons, was delightfully casual, boasted a well-sourced menu and a good wine list.  It’s perfect for an easy and delicious lunch.

wolseley beauty

The Wolseley, featuring Viennese cuisine is without question one of the most beautiful restaurants in London.  This place is totally happening and really delectable. I wanted to eat everything on the menu. We had oysters, herb salad, fries and schnitzel.  Their wine list is first-rate; we drank a Riesling from Prager—When in Rome! Or rather, When in Vienna!

Or even better, Austrian wine for everyone! So, there’s my report and I’m hungry all over again.