Tuesday Tip: Pint Size Snack

greek yogurt parfait

greek yogurt parfait

Healthy and fresh on the go snacks are always a challenge. These days it’s even tougher because I’m trying to stay gluten-free during the week— anything goes on the weekends! I know, you can grab a Larabar, a piece of fruit or a handful of nuts as you zip out the door, but that’s not going cut it for this girl. Mama needs food.

Here’s my latest creation. As I divide time between my home and office this keeps me nourished and satisfied (it’s cute, too). When I’m making the girls’ lunches in the morning, I throw one of these little jars together for me.

greek god yogurt

I'm lovin' this brand of Greek yogurt- it is seriously creamy and delicious.

A pint size mason jar is the perfect portion size. I layer parfait style Greek yogurt (I’m currently obsessed with Greek Gods Yogurt), sliced almonds and dried currants. The almonds and currants pack a great punch of flavor and texture that works well with the creamy yogurt. I grab a rubber band collected from broccoli bunches and slide a small spoon in and I’m ready to go.

yogurt, currants, almonds

I buy the sliced almonds and the currants in the bulk bins at the grocery store.

on the go snack

Ready to go.

Selfishly, I’m posting this tip with hope that you will share some of your favorite on the go snacks with me.