Last Bouquet: Moving Day

last boquet

I can’t deny it any longer. This morning I’m surrounded by boxes, pictures are off the walls, my last harvest basket sits on the kitchen counter and the moving van is in the driveway.  So here it is, we are moving. Moving. How many times do I have to type it before it feels real?

It was one of those we-got-an-offer-we-couldn’t-refuse scenarios. Thus, today we are heading a couple miles up the road to a new house, and my heart aches saying goodbye to our home.

This week I’ll be sharing some of my favorite blog posts over the last few years, sort of a “greatest hits” collection. These moments and meals will bring back fond memories and also give you a few recipes and tips for your fall garden and table.

I’m looking forward to this new season and the opportunity to share with you as I learn new things. For one, I’ll be starting both a vegetable and rose garden from scratch. Additionally, my business has moved into a real office and I can’t wait to try out fun, delicious lunches mini-kitchen style. Moving into a new home for the first time as a family is giving me the chance to create a space for the way we really live, play and eat.

But for today, it just sucks. Of course my roses are blooming like crazy, so I went out Friday morning and snipped every last bud for a huge bouquet for my kitchen table. There aren’t enough words for the memories and gratitude for this home that has been so good to me, good to us.

garden roses