Tuesday Tool: Hand Mandolin

microplane hand mandolin

 microplane hand mandolin

I admit to a fetish for kitchen equipment. I reason with myself that I’m not a big collector of many things, kitchen items are useful, make my life easier, help to make delicious food for the people I love…the rationalization can go on and on. So, my lust items are kitchen equipment and amazing shoes— there, full confession (OK, I have a little thing for Justin Timberlake, too).

Consider this hand mandolin the Louboutin of the kitchen gadget world- it makes slicing a sleek, sexy breeze.  I love it.  If you have a garden or are a farmers market regular, this mandolin is brilliant. You can shave slices of virtually any vegetable, drizzle it with extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and some herbs and you’re set for the table— just like that.

I like this Microplane adjustable mandolin, in particular, because of its sturdiness. Some of the smaller hand models in my opinion don’t offer enough support and aren’t as sharp. It’s a snap to adjust for thicker or thinner slices. For four years this has held residency in my kitchen and has never failed me.

vegetable slicer


A few techniques for using a mandolin:

Slant it sideways to slice uniform ovals.

Turn it on its side for ribbons.

Hold perpendicular to cut perfect circles.

The mandolin was the secret to making this easy summer salad,oven fried potato chips and  zucchini ribbons