So, You Have a Hangover?

fireworks at night

fireworks at night

I hope you all enjoyed your holiday celebrations yesterday! It was completely foggy and even chilly  here in Santa Barbara— the entire day straight through to the night, but we still had a wonderful day. Amazing friends, delicious food (yes, I’m a hot dog-loving girl) and fireworks on the beach, I couldn’t have asked for a better Fourth of July. We celebrated lady liberty far too late into the night, and I’m feeling it this morning. Are you with me? If you are, I’d like to offer some of my tried and true hangover cures. Years of dedicated research have gone into these highly non-scientific recommendations.



Water and alka-seltzer

Pop a couple of these magic fizzy tablets in water and enjoy the results. Not only does it help an uneasy stomach, but it also contains aspirin to help that headache—double bonus. If you can pull it together and drink this before falling into bed, you will be ahead of the game the next morning.


Coconut Water

coconut water

Helps you feel fresh after an evening of celebration. Cold coconut water spiked with the juice of half a lime or lemon replenishes those lost electrolytes, tastes great, and is a whole lot better for you than soda pop.


Burger and Fries

burger and fries

Just give in to your craving for a burger and fries. I think it helps soak-up all the booze and the grease is comfort food for the-day-after-still-a-little tipsy-crowd. Which today means a stop at The Nugget in Summerland for my beloved Crunch Burger. How can I say no?


Let freedom ring!

(Can you just do it quietly, please?)