Inspiration Stop at Roger’s Garden

beautiful potted plant

beautiful potted plant

I recently made a quick overnight visit to my parents’ home in Newport Beach.  Since it was a rare occurrence of me driving down all by myself with no kids, dog or constant whining in tow, I thought I’d make a quick stop at Roger’s Garden in Corona del Mar and pick-up a plant for my parents.

I hadn’t been to this garden store in years. I think my last visit was when I was a new bride shopping for Christmas ornaments for our first tree.  As a child, I remembered frequent visits to this special spot; strolling through the garden lined pathways, attending garden lectures with my mom on DIY moss hanging baskets (something that Roger’s Garden is famous for), and when I was a teen with a $10 budget seeking out birthday gifts for friends.

Moss letters

roger's garden potting station

Where all good moss baskets begin

Roger's garden

I Heart Roger's Garden

Roger's Garden Christmas ornaments

Though not crazy about Christmas in July!

sun hats

This is the best selection of attractive sun hats I've ever seen in one spot

box for planters

My quick stop turned into a long, meandering visit. Even my sweet memories didn’t give this garden spot proper credit. My old friend simply looked great— like she’d lost 10 pounds and was beautifully, eclectically dressed with a fabulous bag slung over her shoulder.

The overall bones of the place hadn’t changed— it’s a huge space that takes up a Newport Beach city block— but surprises captivated at every turn as I strolled around the hanging moss planters, the information shop and the rose garden.

Living wall

scallop containers

container tree

This is a pineapple guava tree underplanted with succulents

beautiful begonias

This begonia reminds me of an orange creamsicle

The rose garden. Ah, the rose garden…it was there that it hit me. Not only had Roger’s Garden transformed with time so had my gardener’s heart. My appreciation for the abundant mix of garden beauty left me with goose bumps, fresh inspiration and a few shopping bags filled with treasures as I got back on the road. 

roger's garden roses

I love the ruffled petals of the Yves Piaget Rose

David Austin Tamora rose

I have these David Austin Tamora roses my garden, but mine are more pink

Koko Loko

Loco for Koko Loko -- Hue's like these are great additions to garden bouquets

roger's garden potting station

I love the contrast of purple and tomato red and these rugosa's make great climbers

gift basket

This is what I settled on for my parents

Yes, I did remember the plant.