Val’s Got a Crush: UK Love Affair

Jamie Oliver fish and chips

I had so much fun with Brit Week, that it continued through the weekend (Pimm’s Cup for everyone!). As the grand finale, here’s a bangers and mash-up of some of my favorites. But honestly, I could do this again ten times over!

Kate Middleton, or rather the Duchess of Cambridge. Obvious choice, but damn this girl is bloody brilliant:

The Duchess of Cambridge

Plaid. This one looks surprising similar to our family tartan.

From Elle Décor:

plaid chair

British racing green. There’s not a better car color out there!

Well, that’s me being biased, but it’s my blog after all.

Racing green

Eddie Izzard – enough said.

Posing Eddie Izzard

If you love Downton Abbey, I recommend you read the book that was inspiration for the series. It’s giving me my fix until the new season begins.

Mary Edith and Sybil

Downtown Abbey book

Laura Ashley.  This takes me back to 1987. The image of my then punk rock sister dressed in a Laura Ashley dress still makes me laugh.

Laura Ashley home decor

The Conran collection. These table designs feel fun and fresh.  British, yet somehow very Santa Barbara.

Conran tablescape

English Garden Books.

This one from the Prince of Wales himself – he’s so green!

Gardening with Prince Charles

Monty Python. Nothing wrong with a little French taunting.

Monty Python characters

Fox hunts. Now we’re getting sporty.

Fox hunting

Links courses remind me of childhood trips across the pond.  I can still hear the bagpipes!

Here’s gorgeous Carnoustie:

Links course

Wimbledon. June 25th will be here before we know it! Folks dressed in crisp white drinking Pimm’s Cup— these are MY people.  I was rooting for you, MURRAY!

Wimbledon 2011

Harry Potter.  There is an obsession for him in our household, so he had to make the list.

Young Harry Potter

Stilton—stinky and delicious. Can’t say that about many things.

Stilton cheese

What did I miss?  Everything, I’m sure!

Oh, shoot – I can’t forget fish and chips and mushy peas!

Eat them in town.

Or make them at home.

And of course, Nigella. All that talent, hair and buxomness, it’s just unfair.

Nigella Lawson Forever Summer