NYC Round Up

view of NYC


I’m heading back to my beloved Santa Barbara today. My project manager, Leah, and I had a really quick, fun and productive trip to NYC. The city was steaming hot as we trucked to lots of meetings for my new apron line during the day, and gulped too much Champagne at night — really, can you ever have enough Champagne? The answer to that is yes. Don’t ask.

Project manager and head brunette

This is Leah

relaxing oasis

It was so hot, we had to find a Santa Barbara oasis.

ice tea break

One of our 25 ice tea breaks  

tomato cart

I wish for one of these in SB 

macaroon display

and these too... 

After we finished up our last meeting on Thursday afternoon, we decided to make a stop at The Met. The Schiaparelli & Prada: Impossible Conversations exhibit was calling our name. It was definitely worth the 20 blocks in 100 degree heat to get to those steps. Sadly, I got tapped on the arm by security mid-shot, so I don’t have many photos. But if you happen to be in New York and get the opportunity, you must go see the exhibit! Being surrounded by all the beautiful pieces of art by these two pioneers of fashion and a quick trip to the rooftop garden was a fitting end to our time there. Well, and maybe a glass of Champagne too. Cheers!

exhibit book
skirt on display

They sell the scarf in this pattern in the gift shop. 

This is the photo that got my camera shut down, but it was worth it.
The Met

Rooftop garden at The Met