Going Global: Potatoes From Around the World

harvesting potatoes
potato leaves

Not quite ready for harvest- they're way too pretty

There’s a reason potatoes are my favorite thing to harvest form the garden: it’s a total treasure hunt. Every time you plunge your hands down in the dirt searching blindly for those starchy gems, it’s a thrill with each little potato discovered. Then, you get to carry your fresh garden booty to the kitchen and turn those treasures into something tasty.

Those of you with gardens know that you tend to harvest a lot of the same ingredients—all at once. Right now, it’s potatoes. A lot of potatoes. To keep things interesting and delicious I like to embrace the philosophy of cooking “around the globe.” By switching up the same ingredients with recipes inspired by international flavors, you fight off boredom and broaden your taste buds.

In my experience, potatoes fresh from the garden cook quicker and taste sweeter than the store bought kind.  After we gather potatoes, I wash and dry them well and store in a cool place or refrigerate.

I’ve gathered up these potato recipes from around the globe, enjoy the trip!


Jacques Pepin Gratin Dauphinoise — this the most sinful, delicious, amazing recipe ever.  It will most likely find its way into our Father’s Day menu.

Gratin Dauphinois

David Lebowitz Potato Leek Soup — if you’re facing June gloom like we are, here’s a recipe to warm your spirits.

potato leek soup mache

Jamie Oliver’s French Baked Potato — love me a lil’ Jamie.



Baked Potato Skins — so Americana circa 1987. I couldn’t refuse.

Basic Potato Skins

Oven Fries

Grilled Herb Potatoes — as we head into BBQ season, here’s one you can do on your grill.



Tzatziki Potato Salad — here’s a unique twist on the classic potato salad.

Tzatziki Potato Salad



Tortillas de patatas (Tortilla Española) – ¡Ole!
potato tortilla
How do you mix things up in your day-to-day menus?

harvesting potatoes