Oh, My Little Sweet Pea

how to arrange sweet peas

sweet pea arrangement

I have a thing for sweet peas. My love affair began when I first saw them growing in the garden of my college boyfriend’s mom. And while that relationship ended up in the compost bin (sorry, Chad), the sweet peas found a permanent place in my heart.  Sweet peas are wonderfully fragrant and make pretty, simple bouquets that squeak springtime.

This is the first year that I’ve grown sweet peas in my garden. I always thought I had missed my window of opportunity to plant them. But then I just thought planting calendars be damned and gave it a try. Now, I have a whole wall of  blooms.

planting sweet peas

I like to place small bouquets all over the house, they’re perfect for side tables or bathrooms.  Just be sure not to place them  on the dining table because the fragrance interferes with the wine and food. Here are a few little tips I use to arrange sweet peas in the most beautiful manner.

When you arrange sweet peas keep in mind that there is a front side of the flower and a back side.

single stem

This is the front side or face of the sweet pea...

Sweet Peas from the garden

...and this is the back side. See the stems are exposed.

You always want to arrange them with the flowers or face, facing outward. This will give you a much fuller and more colorful looking bouquet.

how to arrange sweet peas