Mother’s Day Flowers

grocery store bouquet

grocery store bouquet

Confess—are you the kid, husband, sister or mom that will stop by the grocery store on Mother’s day morning, only to grab a cellophane wrapped bouquet off the grocery store shelf?  Hmm, trust me, don’t do that. You can do better, it’s easy to do better, mom will appreciate it, and there’s the double bonus that you’ll look really good.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t buy a grocery store bouquet, but with a little jujuing you can turn something super plain into something beautiful. First, take off the cellophane and cut the rubber band off. Fluff the flowers out a bit, and simply tie a ribbon or twine around the bouquet. You don’t even need to tie a bow, just knot it twice and let it hang like a sash. Everyone has some ribbon or raffia lying around the house.

flowers for mom

Another option is to take your kids to the farmers market and let them pick out fresh flowers for mom (and/or grandma,too). You can give them a mission to each pick out stems in mom’s favorite color— one can pick a bouquet of lilacs, the other a bunch of purple tulips, mix them together and mom receives a gorgeous, personal bouquet from very proud kids.

If your mom doesn’t live in the same town, there are some great online flower sources. Have the florist send her a box of roses. There is such a beautiful, old-fashioned glamour to a box of roses delivered to the doorstep. Chances are your mom has just the right vase to put them in.

yellow roses

You can also go online to order orchid plants and other unique flower arrangements; here are a few of my favorites.

I love this little hen from Jane and Main, it can later be used as a mortar and pestle.

Jane and Main

These tulips from Flower Bud are gorgeous.

flower bud

This is such a pretty and special arrangement from Olive & Cocoa.

pretty flowers

And if you’re local to Santa Barbara, you can’t go wrong giving Kerstin at Blue Magnolia a call. Located in Summerland, she’s amazingly talented and the florist we always choose. As with any gift, what makes it meaningful is that element of thoughtfulness, appreciation and love. Here’s to mom, with love.