Dessert: Strawberries with Sour Cream & Brown Sugar

Strawberry platter

Strawberry platter

Growing up, this simple, delicious treat was my Mom’s attempt at dessert. She’s a fantastic cook, but not a baker. Raised in Belgium (like most Europeans, even in the tiniest towns), my mom had the luxury of ridiculously good pastry shops just down her street. She never made what she could buy a better version of; at least that was her excuse.

Strawberries are in season and full of juicy flavor. For this dessert, simply put out a bowl of fresh berries, a small bowl of sour cream and a small bowl of brown sugar. If sour cream isn’t your thing, try Greek yogurt. Gather around the bowl (this is family style dining at it’s best) and dip your berry in the cream and then the sugar and just like that— a wonderful, fresh dessert. No measuring, no mixing bowls, and no oven…no wonder it was my mom’s favorite!

Basket of strawberries

This would be a great dessert to serve up on Mother’s Day, when you are at the farmers market picking out flowers for mom, grab a few baskets of strawberries too. You can make this dessert feel extra festive by pulling out your good stuff and using special dishes— think porcelain and silver.

Strawberries with sour cream and brown sugar is a second-generation dessert close to my heart. I have such fond memories of dipping away with my sisters and treasured moments of my girls with strawberry juice on their chins sneaking in a double dip. I hope this little treat brings you some sweet, simple springtime memories with your own family.

Strawberries on plate